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4 Powerful Benefits of MCT Oil

Powerful Benefits of MCT Oil

Over the past couple of years, MCT oil has been hailed as one of the miracle ‘supplements’ that assists in weight loss and helps to boost overall wellness.

The term ‘supplement’ is loosely used, because MCT oil is an almost natural product. Unlike whey protein and BCAA’s that are processed and have ingredients added to them, MCT oil is actually a particular type of fat (medium chain triglycerides) that has been isolated to make it easier for the body to absorb.

In this article, we’ll look at several benefits of MCT oil and why it’s an indispensable tool in your arsenal if you’re doing the keto diet.


1. Aids in ketosis

While coconut oil is good and rich in fat, MCT oil doesn’t contain the extra strains of fat that coconut oil has. It only contains one type of fat that’s rapidly assimilated by the body.

This translates to faster ketosis. In the beginning stages of the keto diet, many beginners struggle to achieve a state of ketosis. Getting the body to burn fat (ketones) for fuel instead of glucose is an uphill task.

You want the body to rapidly use the fats you’re consuming in order to stimulate ketosis. With MCT oil, you can achieve this.

2. Increases metabolism

When combined with high intensity interval training and intermittent fasting, MCT oil can help to boost your metabolism. This will mean that your body burns more calories while at rest… and it’ll be much tougher to regain the pounds you’ve painstakingly lost.

The thermogenic properties of MCT oil will help you to lose as much weight as possible. This will mean reaching your weight loss goals much faster.

3. Reduces hunger

It’s very common for people who are on a conventional diet to feel hungry about 2 hours after their meal. Since the body burns glucose for fuel, it needs a constant supply of glucose… which means that you need to keep eating. This leads to obesity, which has now reached epidemic proportions.

Often, the foods consumed are low in nutrients that the body needs. So, it craves more nutrients, but people keep feeding their bodies with processed foods that are high in carbs and sugar but low in nutrients the body really wants and needs… which is why they constantly feel hungry.

When you consume MCT oil, this is exactly the type of fat the body needs, and it quickly absorbs it. When mixed in bulletproof coffee that contains ghee or butter, the body feels satiated and has energy for hours.

MCT oil is a cleaner fuel source than glucose and the body easily uses it for energy. Your hunger and cravings will vanish.

4. Helps stabilize blood sugar levels

It’s almost impossible to lose weight when your blood sugar levels keep spiking. This often happens when you consume carbs throughout the day, and your body keeps releasing insulin.

Fat loss grinds to an abrupt halt when there’s glucose in your blood. When you’re consuming MCT oil and on a keto diet, your blood sugar levels will be stable, and you’ll be able to shed the excess pounds much faster.

These 4 reasons alone should make you seriously consider adding MCT oil to your diet. Besides the benefits mentioned above, it’s also a good source of energy, boosts your immune system, helps with muscle preservation, improves brain health and much more.

This is an oil that’s definitely worth getting and using. Give it a try today.