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Completely Keto™  Strawberry Smoothie (25 Servings)
Completely Keto™  Strawberry Smoothie (25 Servings)

Completely Keto™ Strawberry Smoothie (25 Servings)

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The Only Keto Shake That Won’t Spike Your blood sugar levels or Kick You Out of Ketosis.

Perfect For People on the Go! It’s a creamy and delicious strawberry breakfast shake that is 100% keto-friendly. Made from all-natural egg protein (not whey) and with added MCT powder for that extra daily energy boost!

    • KETO STRAWBERRY MEAL REPLACEMENT SHAKE - 12g of fat including MCTs (C8 / C10) 160 calories, 8g of protein from eggs, 0g of sugar.
    • DELICIOUS RICH STRAWBERRY FLAVOR - Add to a shaker bottle and mix with water for a rich, smooth Strawberry flavor that you won't believe is sugar free. Our proprietary blend of Erythritol and Stevia does not spike blood sugar and it doesn't have the usual fake artificial sweetener aftertaste.
    • 1g NET CARBS - 6 g carbohydrates - 3g of fiber - 2g of sugar alcohol = 1g of net carbs. Perfect for a keto or low carb diet.
    • MIXES EASILY, TASTES GREAT: Add 1 scoop to water and tastes delicious. Tight on time? This is the easy meal on the go.
    • CONTAINS NO WHEY OR PEA PROTEIN to spike your insulin or kick you out of Ketosis.
    • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: If you don’t love our Keto Shake Completely Keto will happily provide a full refund for any unopened container. 100% satisfaction guaranteed
    • THE ONLY KETO COMPANY with an A rating

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