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Affiliate Help

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q) If I use the homepage referral link will I be credited for any sales across the store from any products?

A) Yes. The homepage referral link will cookie your visitors for any product.


Q) If someone purchases through a referral URL for a specific product will I be credited for ANY product they buy after this?

A) Yes. Once someone uses your referral link they will be cookied with your referral link for 365 days.


Q) Does this affiliate program replace the Thrivecart affiliate program?

A) No, this is in addition to the Thrivecart affiliate program

Q) How do I create a referral link for products?

A) Log into your affiliate dashboard. Navigate to the ‘Marketing Tool’ tab. Paste the product URL in the ‘Past Product Page Link’ section and the program will create a referral URL in the ‘Your Generated Link’ section. Copy the URL and use that to promote that products.


Q) How can I contact you if I need further assistance?

A) If you cannot find your answer from the FAQs above, please email your affiliate questions to


Q) What is the commission structure for products on the store?

A) 10% commissions on any physical product. 80% commission on any digital product. 


Q) When do I get paid my commissions as an affiliate

A) Commissions are paid every 30 days at the end of the month. 

Helpful videos:
Affiliate Dashboard Walkthrough:

How to generate a referral link for individual products:

Adding your PayPal email:

If you need any assistance with the shop Speed Keto affiliate program please feel free to email me at: