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Why You’ll Never Want to Go Back to Messy MCT Oils Again

So we’ve all heard about MCT oil and how amazing it is for Ketosis and aiding weight loss, so we go out and research the best oil, probably spend a small fortune trying to get the highest quality.

Then we drip it out sparingly onto a spoon and either down it in one (not nice!) or try and mix it with our morning coffee or matcha tea (for what seems like an eternity) only to find it still just ends up separating on the top of our lovely morning beverage, tasting oily and well, a little weird.

mct oil v mct powder


Okay let’s take a step back...

Don't get me wrong, I'm not hating on MCT oil, not at all.… MCT IS good for you and yes if you consume a good quality MCT oil it will help boost your ketones which could lead to more weight loss.

But we are so limited with oil, aren’t we? What if we could get all the benefits of MCT oil without the hassle...?

Well now you can. And then some…

Enter the world of MCT Powder

And guess what, you’ll never go back to messy oils again.

For many people MCT powder is far easier on the gut and tends to give far less symptoms of gastrointestinal distress versus using oils. MCT oils could trigger diarrhoea or vomiting if taken on an empty stomach whereas MCT powder will not.

For this reason, you can consume more powder than oil and that could lead to more ketone production which in turn could help speed up your weight loss goals.

Compared to liquid MCT oil, MCT powders are less messy, more convenient, and easier to transport. For anyone who’s spilled MCT oil in their kitchen or lugged a glass bottle in their suitcase during travel, the ease of use and portability of MCT powder is a significant advantage.

mct owder

MCT powder mixes easily and creates a pleasant, creamy texture when added to liquids.

Whereas MCT oil tends to create an oily film or texture and sometimes does not mix that well in beverages.

MCT powder is easier to carry and transport around with you 

Whereas MCT oil will stain clothes and other materials if spilled.

MCT powder can be incorporated into practically any food, baking or cooking 

Whereas oil is limited to low heat cooking and raw foods only.

MCT oil is often mixed at the manufacturing level with cheaper, lesser quality oils to cut costs.

Our MCT powder is only made of high grade MCT oil at the perfect balance of 70/30 (70% MCT/30% Powder) and is non hydrogenated, Trans-fat free, Kosher, and Halal and is 100% Non-GMO.

It is also allergen free and does not contain any fillers or fake ingredients.

best mct oil powders

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